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Training centre

Modern techniques in a cultural environment.

One of the guaranties for success is that our participants feel at home during their training days. In this, a warm atmosphere is of crucial importance. An unconstructive atmosphere quickly translates into a negative feeling and that can never contribute to the success of a training. Because of this, we have paid extra attention to the design of our classrooms and offices. Our goal was to provide positive energy to our participants, trainers and staff, by means of this design.

That is why we chose to design our training centre via the Feng Shui concept. The Feng Shui concept of balancing the energy of people with their surroundings completely matches our own philosophy. People tend to harmonise with their surrounding. That is why the right design of a room can provide positive energy to people. This positive energy can not only be found in our classrooms and offices but also in our large urban garden behind our training centre. When (Dutch weather permited) desired, our courses can be provided in this green oasis of tranquillity.

More information can be found on the pages Classroom and Iber Plaza