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Corporate social responsibility

“Think green, leave it on the screen”

“Denk groen; wat zou je met een printje doen?’ (Dutch equivalent)

Language is so much more than just words. And language education is so much more than that.

Ever since it was established, in 1991, Iber Lengua has been involved with environmental responsibility, with inclusivity, with reducing waste, with the optimisation of our living environment.

Thus, we keep our work areas clean by means of organic vinegar instead of corrosive cleaning agents.

A wrongly printed copy is not thrown away, but its white reverse is used as a notepad. When printing up-to-date teaching materials, this naturally occurs more often than one single time.

When our students are welcomed to teaching areas, we do not present them with expensive bottled ‘still’ or ‘sparkling’ water, in addition to the usual coffee or tea, but with a refillable bottle of plain tap water.

It goes without saying that we carefully observe hygiene in this process.

Our co-workers, teachers and trainees come from all over the globe, from various countries and cultures, adhere to various religious beliefs, have a variety of skin colours; nor does age matter.

What is essential for us is that each member of our team should feel a member of the ‘Iber Lengua family’, and share our care for the environment and our surroundings. This may be done by turning off the light where it is not needed and helping to keep our and everybody’s working environment tidy and clean. Lending a helping hand. Giving a compliment. Producing a smile.

We also propagate this attitude to our clients and to all the suppliers and companies with which we do business. It is our way of giving shape to our wish to make the world a little bit better. Apart from providing optimal language education, it is part of our creed.