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Language courses French

Parlez-vous Fran├žais? Wie bitte?

Even though the younger generations tend to speak more and more English, it’s still an absolute advantage to master the French language. This particularity applies to those sectors of France with a vast international business community.

Not mastering the French language does not necessarily renders doing business in France impossible, but it does make it a much more complex process.
Although French companies have become increasingly more international due to the European integration, the older generations remain to be not conversant in the English language, while especially this generation holds the key-positions within the majority of French companies.



At Iber Lengua, you cannot only get started shortly with an intensive- or individual course but also with the evening courses (commencing each fall) in small groups.

Are you interested in a French language course or do you need more information as to how Iber Lengua can instantly help you in enhancing your language skills?