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“The essence of a language is hardly ever concealed within its grammar”.

One simple line with one simple concept.
Yet, in one single line, it clearly characterizes the philosophy of ‘our’ company.

I deliberately say ‘our’ company…
because Iber Lengua consists out of a team of professionals with just one single goal…
to be the best.

If you want to belong to the best, you have to deliver quality.
With our highly motivated team, we guarantee that quality.

Still, a language institute can only provide quality when it is a well functioning and highly motivated organisation, which provides support to its customers, participants and teachers.
With modest pride, I may say that Iber Lengua offers just that.

If you were to ask me personally, what the typical characteristics of the Iber Lengua team are, then I would answer: (without a moment’s hesitation) their incredible level of commitment, humour, enthusiasm and professionalism.
Therefore it’s only logical, that within all of our activities, we give the highest priority to providing quality and optimal support.

So, then why is a language so much more than merely its grammar?

We are happy to explain this to you via this website and sincerely hope that ‘our’ philosophy may become yours as well.

A. Hofmanweg 5a
2031 BH Haarlem
Tel: +31(0)23-538 9849