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Language courses Dutch

Spreekt u Nederlands? Excuse me?

The Dutch are infamous for their professionalism and their ‘let’s get down to business’ and ‘no-nonsense’ attitude.

‘Doe maar normaal dan doe je al gek genoeg’, (acting normal is silly enough) is a typical Dutch phrase that is usually unexpressed but is evident in most all of their actions. Extravagant behaviour is hardly ever appreciated.

The Dutch keep their business- and private life strictly separated.
During business negotiations, they tend to employ a direct and straightforward business strategy.

Did you know that…

At Iber Lengua, you cannot only get started shortly with an intensive- or individual course but also with the evening courses (commencing each fall) in small groups.

Are you interested in a Dutch language course or do you need more information as to how Iber Lengua can instantly help you in enhancing your language skills?

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