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Language Training

General operating procedure for language courses

Your whish is our command. All our courses are 100% tailor-made to fit your company profile, function and personal requirements. Iber lengua’s objective is not only to enhance your general language knowledge and skills but also to enlighten (and train) you as to the appropriate ways of dealing with other linguistic groups, colleagues and/or business relations. Iber Lengua does not consider a course successful until all your set objectives are met.

Five steps to a successful language course:

Orientation phase: In order to create tailor-made courses for our customers Iber Lengua will first start an orientation phase. During this phase, we will discuss the target group and the specific requirements of our customer or participant.

Intake and course proposal: By means of a comprehensive written and oral intake, Iber Lengua will analyse the current knowledge and specific requirements. Besides this, provides Iber Lengua the instruments (if so required) to analyze the participant’s method of learning. This is to determine whether a participant has the need for increased audio or visual stimuli during the course of the training. Based on the outcome a personal course proposal is made.

Development of course material: After authorization of the proposed training, the course curriculum and the specific branch related vocabulary are developed.

Implementation: Implementation of the course will commence after consultation with the customer on a (by the customer stated) specific time and place. All courses are carried out via the Iber Lengua method and philosophy and by (near)-native teachers that have been thoroughly trained in this philosophy.

Evaluation: intermediate evaluations are made during the duration of the course to ascertain whether it is required to fine-tune the learning process in order to reach the final objective. If so required the customer will be informed about our findings. At the end of the course, a study evaluation report is made and the participants will receive a certificate. After the course we ask our participants to fill-out an evaluation form. This form is being used by Iber Lengua to optimise our internal quality control, to fine-tune and to up-date our teachers training and to enhance the service to our customers and participants.

A few possible options:

Individual tailor-made language course sector- and function orientated
Daytime program 10 lessons from 3 hours.
Individual tailor-made language course sector- and function orientated
Daytime program 15 lessons from 2 hours.
Individual tailor-made language course based on final objective
Daytime program 10 lessons from 3 hours
Individual tailor-made language course based on final objective
Daytime program 15 lessons from 2 hours

(semi-) individual training 1, 2, or 3 participants.
Location: In-company or at Iber Lengua in Haarlem.
Cost: on request

These courses can be planned on a basis of 1 lesson per week, but if you have a more intensive planning in mind, then it’s obviously also possible to plan 2 or more lessons per week.