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¿Habla usted español?   Wat zegt u?

Spanish is the third language in the world and spoken as their native tongue by over 350 million people. The majority of these people do not speak a second language next to Spanish. Even the United States has as much as 26 million Spanish-speaking inhabitants.

For more than 15 years, Iber Lengua has been the specialist on the Spanish language of both Spain and Latin America. Iber Lengua is therefore the place to be for an intensive course of the Spanish language.

At Iber Lengua, you cannot only get started shortly with an intensive- or individual course but also with the evening courses (commencing each fall) in small groups.

Are you interested in a Spanish language course or do you need more information as to how Iber Lengua can instantly help you in enhancing your language skills? Please click below for the contact form.