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Commitment is our central focal point.
Commitment to our staff, customers and participants.
To us, the degree of commitment that our teachers have for their participants is essential.

Our language and culture courses are demanding and strenuous and we expect total commitment from both teachers and participants. We expect that our participants are aware that their teachers invest an equal amount of dedication and work into the course as they do themselves.

This way, and only this way, can we guarantee the desired results.

Our specific language courses are derived from the above-mentioned philosophy. A language course that guarantees quality and meets the unique needs of the participant perfectly.

Our philosophy and convictions are best represented in this statement:

“The success of a course depends for 95% on the commitment and motivation of the participant, for which the teacher is 90% responsible”.

Another essential point in our policy is the thoroughness in which we maintain our personal contacts. Due to the fact that we put so much emphasis on personal touch and coaching, we are blessed with a large group of loyal customers.