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Specialist in language and culture

Our entire team consists out of more than 70 teachers, trainers and translators. They operate nationwide, supported by a staff of 7 office employees, based in our office in Haarlem.

Because we feel that learning a foreign language requires intensive coaching, all our teachers and trainers are enthusiastic, experienced and qualified (near-) native speakers.

By means of meticulous preparation and internal training, our teachers and trainers know, like no other, how to motivate and coach our participants. Doing so, they create a climate in which participants never feel hesitant to ask for the assistance of our team when faced with questions or problems. Our participants are supported through personal attention, with lots of humor and enthusiasm, without ever losing focus on the desired final result of the course.

The creation of a working environment like this can only be accomplished by means of an exceptional flexible team that can anticipate unexpected alterations in planning (as well as sudden changes) like no other. A mix of hard work within a pleasant environment proves, at least in our case, to guarantee a professional and skilled team.

    Algemeen directeur

    Joana Keur

    Commercieel directeur

    Edwin Keur

    Office Manager

    Manine Koetsier

    Docent begeleidster

    Yvonne vd Weijden

«Klantgerichtheid, betrokkenheid en kwaliteit hebben altijd de hoogste prioriteit! «

«Kwaliteit, flexibiliteit en service.»

«Er is altijd een oplossing»

    Administratief medewerker

    Sylvia Keijzer

    Stagiair ICT

    Dennis Dalmolen

«Er is altijd een oplossing»

«Er is altijd een oplossing»

«Er is altijd een oplossing»

«Er is altijd een oplossing»

«Er is altijd een oplossing»

    Assistent cursuscoördinatie

    Koen Eijsberg


    Elise van Blitterswijk